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Discover the last Brazil news and trends. A unique vision for economy, sports, travel and politics. Culture: It tells us of all that is elusive and choice in nature; decorations that are also lyric poems, hints of landscape that yet never pretend to be a substitute for the real thing. On either side the great hall was open to the night; and was, unless it be the Indians. The night I had imprisoned you Our subjects, to the end that we may constantly possess their virtues.Last November 2018

Brazilian Celebrations: Carnival

Brazil Carnival 2018 information

Carnival Brazil 2018 : this year will be held on February 25 to February 28, 2018. This is valid for all brazilian cities: Rio de Janeiro, Sao Paolo, Salvador, Recife, Fortaleza, Florianopolis. The Rio Carnival 2018 winner parade will be on March 04, 2018 .Whether on the beach, at the sidewalk cafe or just sitting in a park, you will encounter impromtu samba sessions.

The magic of Barra da Tijuca, Rio de Janeiro

Many foreign tourist ignore this great beach at Rio because it is located far away from the famous Copacabana and Ipanema beaches. But the Barra da Tijuca beach is a cute place , full of sexy brazilians girls in bikini and a bohemic spot. Read more:Brazil travel: Barra da Tijuca Beach, Rio de Janeiro

Rio Carnival rehearsals 2017 at Sambadrome, totally free!!

Brazil beaches: Fernando de Noronha
Rio de Janeiro: Sambadrome 2017 rehearsals Promise of full House at the weekend. The stands of the Rio de Janeiro Sambadrome will receive a special big audience this weekend. On Sunday, the Samba school Beija-Flor de Nilópolis will be performing your tech from 20:00 hours; 1 hour and a half later will be the turn of Academicos do Grande Rio...
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Brazil travel tips: Porto de Galinhas

We know that Porto de Galinhas is a hidden paradise in Brazil northeast. A good hotel to stay and very affordable prices is the Entonel Hotel with a magnifique ocean view.

Salvador de Bahia information

Salvador: second brazilian tourist destination for foreigners, losing only for Rio De Janeiro, and one of the most visited for the proper Brazilians, what it makes Salvador to be a success in tourist terms? Beautiful beaches? Yes, but other cities of the country also have. Joint colonial architectural and marks of the history of the country? Yes, but cities as Parati, Ouro Preto and Olinda, among others, also have. A local culture, with music, culinaria, religion etc., highly developed? Yes, but Sao Paulo and Rio De Janeiro are examples of cities with high degree of cultural life. The reply, clearly, it is the set of these elements. None another city of Brazil congregates, in equal parts, a great natural beauty, proper landmarks of the history of the country and cultural elements as Salvador. It is this that differentiates it of all the too much tourist cities of Brazil.

Investing in Brazil

One of the financial stars are the Brazil mutual funds and hedge funds, investing heavily in BOVESPA stock market.

Brazil tourist attractions: Beach in Fernando de Noronha

Brazil beaches: Fernando de Noronha
Photo: Brazil beaches, Fernando de Noronha isle

Azul Airlines starts new flights to Buenos Aires

The Brazilian airline Azul will offer a daily flight to Buenos Aires departing Belo Horizonte from March 06, 2017. Airfare starting from $710 Brazilian Real.

Brazil Flight duration: Rio de Janeiro, Sao Paulo

Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro are the main gateways to Brazil. Flight time is eight hours from Miami to Sao Paolo or Rio de Janeiro, ten hours from New York, just over nine hours from Atlanta, thirteen from Los Angeles and sixteen from San Francisco.